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Benefits of the Motability Scheme

When taking part in the Motability Scheme with Eden Mobility, you'll also receive a huge selection of benefits, including:

A new mobility scooter or powerchair every 3 years

You will get to choose a brand new mobility scooter or powerchair every 3 years that is within your Motability allowance.

Your insurance is included

Your mobility scooter or powerchair will be covered in the case of an accident, damage and/or theft of the scooter/powerchair. You will have no excess to pay and the insurance will also cover damage to other persons, property or belongings caused by your scooter/powerchair.

Breakdown assistance included as standard

Should your mobility scooter or powerchair breakdown or if you have an accident, we'll take you as well as your product back to your home address. If this happens on a holiday or when you are away from your home (but within the UK), we'll assist in getting you back to where you need to be.

Servicing and repairs

For any servicing, maintenance and repairs - please call us on 0800 652 8444.

Replacement tyres

If you are unfortunate enough to puncture or damage the tyres on your mobility scooter or powerchair - we'll repair or replace them. If this is preventing you from getting home, our breakdown assistance will get you and your scooter home where replacement tyres can then be arranged.


All of our mobility scooters and powerchairs come with batteries as standard. We'll show you how to keep it charged correctly to ensure that the batteries will last as long as possible. If there are any problems with your batteries, we'll replace them free of charge.

Upgrades & accessories

Our mobility scooters and accessories come as standard, but there are many additional options available depending on the make and model you purchase including scooter canopies, covers, ramps and more.

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