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Choosing a Mobility Scooter

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a mobility scooter to best suit your needs. In this post, we'll cover some of the main considerations which should help you decide exactly what is best for you.

What size mobility scooter do I need?

Mobility scooters fall into "class 2" and "class 3" categories:

  • Class 2 mobility scooters have a maximum speed of 4mph and can only be used on footpaths. They're often small, light and offer simplistic operation. These are best suited to individuals who don't need to travel long distances and who won't be using the scooter too much between battery charges.
  • Class 3 mobility scooters have a maximum speed of 8mph and can be used on the road as well as on footpaths. These are best suited for individuals who require to travel longer distances and use the scooter for greater periods of time before having to charge the battery. These scooters often have many more features compared to smaller scooters including rear-view mirrors, reflectors, indicators, lights and a horn. These scooters must be registered with the DVLA.

Our small and medium range of scooters both fall under the class 2 category, whereas our large and executive range both fall into the class 3 category.
Boot Scooter

I need a mobility scooter that will fit in my car boot

If you require a mobility scooter that will fit into the boot of your car, check out our Bootmaster range. These will fit into the majority of car boots and have been designed to be dismantled easily and within just minutes, with no tools required.

Will I be able to store my scooter at home?

Storage is a very important consideration when choosing a mobility scooter. If you're looking at larger scooters, you need to make sure that you are able to get the scooter into and out of the location you are going to be storing it in such as your home, garage or shed. If you're limited for space, our smaller range of scooters may be best suited. It's also a good idea to have an electric point in your required storage location that will allow you to charge the scooter when it is not in use.

Most comfortable mobility scooters

The most comfortable mobility scooters can normally be found within our large and executive range of scooters. These have additional features such as adjustable seats/tillers that allow the user to get a more suitable seated position. They also have a softer suspension that will absorb most bumps on the road/path.

We all have our own optimum levels of comfort, so please visit your local store to find the most suitable scooter for you.

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