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Choosing A Walking Stick

Walking sticks can provide you with that extra bit of help and confidence when walking. There are many different types of walking sticks available so it is important to make sure that you choose the most suitable stick for you.

We have walking sticks available in a variety of materials including wood and metal - as well as a variety of colours and patterns. Some of our walking sticks can be folded and some are completely adjustable - enabling you to get the most suitable length.


Walking sticks are available in different shapes to suit a variety of requirements:

  • T-Shape - these give very good grip and control over the stick
  • Crooked - the crooked shaped handles give good grip and control but are also great for hanging up
  • Ergonomic - these are shaped to fit your hand perfectly, reducing pressure on the hand when using the stick
  • Swan - these shaped sticks often feel more balanced
  • Multi-feet - these walking sticks have multiple feet which help to keep them balanced

Folding Walking Stick

What size walking stick do I need?

This completely depends on your height. The handle of the walking stick should be level with your wrist when you are stood up straight. Make sure that the walking stick you choose is a suitable length - not doing so could making walking more difficult and painful.

How to use a walking stick

It is also important to make sure that you are using the walking stick correctly. The walking stick should be used on the same side as your strongest leg, moving in-line with the weaker leg.


You should check regularly for wear on the ferrules. If the ferrules are worn, you should replace them before using the stick again. If the walking stick starts clicking/rattling it may be an indication that the joints are becoming worn.

Eden Mobility also has many other types of walking sticks including ones that glow in the dark and have built-in umbrellas and seats.

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