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Finding The Most Suitable Walking Frame

There are many walking frames available to purchase at Eden Mobility, all of which have been designed to suit a range of requirements.

Lightweight Adjustable Walking FrameWalking frames are a great walking aid for both inside and out of the house. They're perfect for long trips and often have a range of features such as baskets to carry shopping, seats to take a rest and the capability of being folded up for storage or transport.

Points to consider before purchasing a walking frame

Here are some important points to consider before making your purchase:

  • Would you prefer wheels on your frame?
  • Will the walking frame fit through the doors and corridors in the building you're going to be using it in?
  • If there are any hills/slopes - will you be okay manoeuvring the walking frame?
  • Will the walking frame be the correct height for you?
  • Are you going to be comfortable using the walking frame?
  • Will the walking frame support your height?
  • Do you require the walking frame to be folded for storage or transport? If so, can you do this by yourself or will you have somebody to do this for you?
  • Are you going to require additional features such as a seat, brakes or basket?

If you can answer most of the above questions, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to help you find the most suitable walking frame for you.

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