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Most Comfortable Recliner Chair for Elderly & Disabled Persons

With hundreds, if not thousands of rise & recliner chairs available on today's market it's very important to make sure that you choose the most comfortable recliner chair that suits you best - especially if you are going to be spending a lot of your time in it.

Individuals that suffer from disabilities, illnesses or even aging can often find it difficult in getting comfortable on ordinary sofas and armchairs. This is usually caused by the shape of the chair not suiting their posture because of the length/depth of the seat or the chair being too narrow/wide.

Eden Mobility have many rise & recliner chairs available to suit a whole range of requirements. Based on the specification, features and customer feedback - here are the 3 most comfortable recliner chairs for elderly & disabled persons that we are able to provide at Eden Mobility.

Our Brand New Eden Pisces

This is hands down one of the most comfortable rise & recline chairs available on the current market. It's the world's first chair to be made up from pressure relieving medical grade foam that provides extreme comfort. The chair was designed with help from the Chartered Physiotherapists to provide better postural support in comparison to other recliner chairs.

Eden Pisces

Triple-Motor Recline Chairs

The Eden Aquarius is a triple-action rise & recline chair that is capable of multiple reclined positions, ensuring that you are able to obtain the most comfortable seated/reclined position. It's the perfect chair for anybody who is looking for that extra bit of comfort - especially disabled and elderly individuals. This chair is best suited for taller individuals.

Eden Aquarius

Chairs for Smaller Individuals

If you're a relatively short individual - the Eden Taurus Petite is the perfect chair for you. It has been designed specifically for shorter persons and it can greatly improve their posture. If you're shorter in height than most but you are using a regular-sized chair - you may be doing damage to areas such as your spine.

Comfortable Recliner Chairs for Smaller Individuals

Finding the most comfortable rise and recliner chair for everybody isn't always easy because we all have different levels of comfort as well as circumstances that prevent us from getting as comfortable such as Arthritis and back problems. Visit your local Eden Mobility store where you will be able to try out our range of chairs, as well as receiving expert advice from our staff to help you find the most comfortable chair for you.

Test Our Range First

It's important that you find the chair that is best-suited for you. We have a huge range of recliner chairs available for you to try out in our stores. Come down and find the most comfortable recliner chair for you.

  • If the chair is too high for you and your feet aren't able to touch the floor, you will be applying unnecessary pressure to your back.
  • If the chair isn't high enough, your legs will not gain the maximum support possible which could cause strain on your back.
  • Purchasing a chair that is too wide can often make users lean to the side which will prevent them from sitting upright and obtaining the best posture.
  • A chair that is too deep for the user will again prevent them from sitting upright and obtaining the maximum support for the back.
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