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Spotlight on the Eden Aquarius

The Eden Aquarius is our best-selling rise and recliner chair and it has some powerful features that make it one of the most comfortable and advanced recliner chairs on the market.

Innovative Technologies

The Eden Aquarius features the very latest technologies which makes it one of the best recliner chairs around. It has a triple-action motor which enables the back and leg rest to be moved independently but at a much smoother and supportive rate in comparison to an ordinary dual-motor chair.

This recliner chair also features an anti-entrapment mechanism that completely prevents anything from getting stuck in the mechanism when the chair is operating. You'll also find that the Eden Aquarius has a battery backup system that will allow the chair to be raised in the event of a power failure - preventing the user from getting stuck in a reclined position.

Handheld Controls

The hand-held controller enables the user to recline and elevate the chair very easily by holding down the necessary buttons. The control also features a smart button that will reset the chairs position back to its original state.


The Eden Aquarius is a beautifully crafted chair that has been made up from unique patchwork upholstery blends that will suit any homes décor. It features a waterfall back that is built up from 3 pillows as well as a quilted footrest - offering the very best in comfort. You'll also find storage pockets so that you can place your important items within your chair for easy access when seated.

10 feet of connecting cable will also ensure that you can place the chair exactly where you need it. It is important to note that the Eden Aquarius has a maximum user weight of 22 stone.

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