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Spotlight on the Eden Aries

The Eden Aries rise and recline chair is a stylish and comfortable, single motor chair that will offer you the ultimate seating experience.

Attractive, Comfortable and Spacious

The Eden Aries has an attractive and spacious design. It features a waterfall back made up of 3 pillows that provide a high level of comfort to the user, as well as an excellent sleeping position. The head and armrest covers offer protection and are completely washable.

This rise and recline chair has a contoured seat/back as well as padded upholstery that will offer maximum comfort and support. This Eden Aries also has two side pockets for easy storage - these are ideal for newspapers, TV remote controls etc.

The Eden Aries is available oatmeal, mocha and cinnamon fabrics.

Single Motor

The single motor of the Eden Aries allows the user to rise to their feet or recline to the perfect snoozing position. The motor is quiet, smooth and discreet and has an easy to operate controller that has two buttons to rise or recline the chair.

The Eden Aries also features a battery backup system so that in the event of a power-outage, you'll still be able to operate the chair - preventing you from getting stuck in a reclined position. The batteries that are used for this backup system should be replaced after every use and every 6 months that they are not used as a precautionary measure.

The Eden Aries has a maximum user weight of 25 stone and is perfect for anyone with restricted mobility. The Eden Aries also has a leg rest that can be used without the chair being reclined.

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