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Spotlight on the Eden Bootmaster Elite

The Eden Bootmaster Elite is our best selling boot scooter. It's a stylish and compact scooter that has been designed to be transportable - it can be quickly and easily placed into the boot of almost any car.

Fits into almost any car!

The Eden Bootmaster Elite will fit into the boot of almost any car. Its lightweight, collapsing frame and parts make it quick and easy to dismantle so that it can be placed into the boot of your car. Its unique design also makes the mobility scooter very easy to put back together without the need for any tools. It's as simple as A,B,C.

Solid tyres to keep you going...

Our Bootmaster Elite mobility scooter features solid tyres. These are high-quality tyres that do not require air. They last much longer than pneumatic (air-filled) tyres that most mobility scooters come with and they save you the worry of your tyres becoming the victim of a flat or punctured tyre from nails, thorns etc.

Ideal for shopping!

The small, rigid frame of the Eden Bootmaster Elite is perfect for your day-to-day shopping trips. You'll be able to navigate your scooter through busy town centres and shops with ease - the Bootmaster Elite is narrow enough not to get in the way of other pedestrians.

Notable Features...

The Bootmaster Elite is the highest quality boot scooter and contains the best features out of all of our boot-scooters:

  • The swivel seat enables the user to park against an object such as a wall or a shop window and rotate the seat 90°, making it much easier to get out of. The seat does, however, rotate 360° - should the rider require it to.
  • The variable speed control allows you to set a speed limit so that you can carefully navigate your scooter at a comfortable speed that suits you. This is ideal for shops and areas that you may need to slowly manoeuvre the scooter.
  • The black canvas seat is extremely comfortable and features beautifully detailed stitching. The armrests are also completely adjustable meaning you can obtain maximum comfort.
  • The tiller allows the rider to accelerate and reverse the scooter by either pulling or pushing the levers. This is ideal for anyone who has difficulties using their fingers/wrists.
  • The Bootmaster Elite features anti-tip wheels that will stop the mobility scooter from tipping backwards if too much weight is applied to the back, such as when going up a steep hill.
  • It features an adjustable tiller steering column so that the rider can obtain the perfect driving position.
  • The Eden Bootmaster Elite features a horn button so that you can make others aware of your presence.
  • Battery indicators notify you of your battery level so that you know when it needs charging.
  • Battery chargers are included with all of our mobility scooters.
  • The front basket is also included with the Bootmaster Elite so that you can carry your shopping and belongings with ease.

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