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Spotlight on the Eden Gatsby

The Eden Gatsby is an all-new addition to the Eden Mobility scooter range. It features all of the modern features and technologies that a modern, luxury mobility scooter has, and is complemented by vintage styling based on the iconic Ford Model T - a classic car that was built by Ford between 1908 and 1927.

Henry Ford (the founder) watched 15 million model T's roll off the assembly line, making it the 8th most sold vehicle of all time as of 2012.

Truly unique vintage 'Model T' styling

The Gatsby was designed to feature truly unique styling similar to that of the Ford Model T. As soon as you take a look at the Eden Gatsby, you'll notice classic features such as the vintage style decal, hood ornament and distinctive headlight design.

Eden Gatsby - Model T Styling

Full LED headlights, tail-lights and indicators

You'll be able to see perfectly at night with the Gatsby's Ford Model T style headlights. You'll also be visible to others when visibility is reduced with its all-around reflectors and LED front and rear lighting - making it ideal to use on the road.

Eden Gatsby - Lights

Comfortable, adjustable seat

The captain-style seat offers maximum comfort. It is capable of swivelling 360° so that you can get on and off the scooter with ease. It features inclination-adjustable armrests as well as an adjustable back and headrest so that you can obtain the perfect driving position. You'll also find a storage pocket behind the seat where you can keep your newspaper!

Eden Gatsby - Seat

Large, lockable front storage bonnet

Inside the "bonnet" of the Eden Gatsby, you'll find a very reasonable amount of deep storage space, ideal for your trip to the shops! The bonnet has a keylock so that you can keep your belongings safe and secure.

Eden Gatsby - Bonnet

Infinitely adjustable tiller with digital dashboard

Despite this scooter being based on the design of a vehicle built over 100 years ago, the modern touch makes this scooter all the more special. You'll find a digital dashboard just like you would on any other modern, luxury scooter, that tells you how much battery you've got left, headlight/indicator status and if your speed is set to H (High) or L (Low). You'll find that these controls are very easy to operate and feature large, backlit LED buttons so that you can see and use them in the dark with ease.

On the tiller, you'll find a horn button - or you can use the rubber squeeze airhorn that is mounted on the tiller for an added vintage touch and sound. You'll also find an emergency brake-lever, so you can safely bring your scooter to a full stop, should you have to.

Eden Gatsby - Tiller

A smooth ride

The Gatsby features a fully independent suspension that means you'll have the smoothest ride possible. It also has pneumatic, air-filled tyres so that you can enjoy your trips without feeling every bump in the road.

Eden Gatsby - Front View

Find out more about the Eden Gatsby

Are you interested in the Eden Gatsby? The Gatsby is currently available at the following stores:

Store list updated: 24/11/2017 - 09:14am

Give us a call on 0800 652 8444 for more information. We'll even be able to bring out one of these scooters to your home so that you can try it out yourself.

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