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Spotlight on the Eden Gemini

The Eden Gemini is a dual motor rise & recline chair that allows independent operation of both the leg-rest and the backrest, offering the ultimate snooze position and being capable of rising and tilting the user back to their feet.

The two motors give much more support options and it allows different positions to be set for a variety of purposes including watching television, reading a book or having a sleep.

The ergonomically contoured seat and the padded upholstery with a waterfall back will provide excellent comfort and is ideal for users who have difficulty sitting down and/or standing back up; especially those with restricted mobility from conditions such as arthritis, MS and circulation problems.

The Eden Gemini has two very convenient side pockets that allow the user to store items such as a TV remote, books and other useful belongings that they want easy access to. A built in fail safe system is built into the Gemini so that in the event of a power failure, the user can reset the chair back to its original position so that they do not get stuck.

The Eden Gemini rise & recliner chair has an easy to use, 4 button handset that can be used to move both motors independently.

This recliner chair is available in four colour options - terracotta, gold, green or cream.

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