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Spotlight on the Eden Roadmaster

The Eden Roadmaster is our best-selling mobility scooter and has some of the most advanced, beneficial features you could possibly ask for from a mobility scooter.

Our best selling scooter...

The Eden Roadmaster has a stylish black finish and gives the user complete control. It features a 5-position adjustable Delta tiller (the steering column) so that you can obtain the perfect riding position. Users of the Eden Roadmaster are able to switch between 4 and 8 MPH speeds at the flick of a switch. It also has a speed control dial so that you can actually set the speed you wish to travel at and has a battery indicator so that you know how much battery is left in your scooter.

The Eden Roadmaster mobility scooter has a 25 stone weight limit and has a driving range of up to 20* miles. A front basket is included on the Eden Roadmaster as standard so that you can carry your shopping with ease.

Key Features:

Max user weight25 stone
Maximum speed8mph
Range20 miles*
Armrest height8"
Ground clearance6"
Batteries2x36 amp

A smooth ride...

The Eden Roadmaster is able to offer you the smoothest and most comfortable ride possible. It features both a front and rear suspension that will absorb any bumps that you may encounter. It also has soft, air-filled (pneumatic) tyres that will ensure a smooth ride over uneven and bumpy surfaces. The Eden Roadmaster also features high ground clearance - making getting up and down kerbs very easy!

Eden RoadmasterEden RoadmasterCaptains SeatDelta TillerTyres & Suspension

Safety in mind...

The Eden Roadmaster is safe for both the rider and for persons within its proximity. This mobility scooter has bright front and rear lights so that the rider can see (and be seen) when visibility is reduced. It also has indicators, hazard warning lights, a reversing siren and anti-tip wheels that will prevent the scooter from tipping when too much weight is applied to the rear.

It has front and rear bumpers - helping to protect the mobility scooter as well as the rider in the unlikely event of an accident. You'll also find two rear-view mirrors installed on the Eden Roadmaster as standard.

The Captains Seat

The Eden Roadmaster comes with a Captains Seat as standard. This is a luxurious, two-toned seat that is very comfortable and has an adjustable headrest. It also features width adjustable, flip-up armrests.

The seat can be swivelled 360° - making it easy to access and exit the scooter. The seat slides backwards and forwards, enabling you to obtain the seating position that suits you best. It also folds down flat at the pull of one lever. This makes storage of the scooter much easier. The Captains Seat also features a small pocket at the back so that you can store any belongings with you.

*Mileage dependent on user weight, battery condition and terrain.

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