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Mobility Recliner Chairs

We are able to provide a range of mobility recliner chairs so that you can sit and relax with maximum comfort in your living room. All of our rise and recliner chairs are made using only the highest quality materials and fabrics. We have styles and colours available to suit any living room décor. Our electric riser recliner chairs have single, dual or triple-action motors which can be operated using a handheld controller.

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  • Eden Leo

    Eden Leo

    "Regain your freedom with superior comfort from Eden"

    In Stock
  • Eden Aries

    Eden Aries

    "Relax in multiple positions, at the touch of a button"

    In Stock
  • Eden Gemini

    Eden Gemini

    "The dual motor chair with infinite seating positions"

    In Stock
  • Eden Libra

    Eden Libra

    "Infinitely adjustable for ultimate comfort"

    In Stock
  • Eden Aquarius

    Eden Aquarius

    "Our best-selling, luxurious triple-action chair"

    In Stock
  • Eden Libra New

    Eden Libra New

    "Exclusively created for Eden Mobility with our customers in mind"

    In Stock
  • Eden Scorpio

    Eden Scorpio

    "The classic rise & recline chair that ensures all your comfort needs are met."

    In Stock

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7 Item(s)

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