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As of March 2018 we are no longer able to fit or supply mobility parts to non-Eden customers. This is to ensure that we are fully committed to our long-standing, valued Eden customers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Mobility Scooters

We stock a variety of mobility scooters so that we can meet the requirements of the majority of users. These range from small boot scooters that can be easily dismantled and placed into the boot of a car, right the way through to medium and larger scooters that have longer driving ranges and longer battery life.

Choose one of our brand new scooters below, or alternatively, use the menu to select a category. You’ll be able to find our pre-owned scooters in here, as well as our huge selection of mobility scooter accessories, batteries, tyres/tubes and more!

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  • Eden Bootmaster

    Eden Bootmaster

    • Suitable for pavements and footpaths
    • Easily disassembled in minutes
    • Fits easily into the boots of most cars
    • Puncture proof tyres for extra safety
    In Stock
  • Eden Bootmaster Plus

    Eden Bootmaster Plus

    • Suitable for pavements and footpaths
    • Easily disassembled in minutes
    • Fits easily into the boots of most cars
    • Comfortable, swivel seat
    In Stock
  • Eden Bootmaster Elite

    Eden Bootmaster Elite

    • Split batteries reduce carry weight
    • Wireless connections, no plugs or wires
    • Lightweight, compact size
    • Comfortable seating
    In Stock
  • Eden Pathmaster Plus

    Eden Pathmaster Plus

    • Front and rear lights and indicators
    • Ultra lightweight and slimline design
    • Comfortable captain seat
    • Infinitely adjustable tiller
    In Stock
  • Eden Roadmaster

    Eden Roadmaster

    • Adjustable captains seat as standard
    • Off board charger included
    • Front and rear lights and horn
    • Features new delta tiller
    In Stock
  • Eden Roadmaster Plus

    Eden Roadmaster Plus

    • User-friendly, intuitive dashboard
    • Removable and adjustable armrests
    • Angle adjustable steering wheel
    • Impact resistant plastic covers
    In Stock
  • Eden Roadmaster Elite

    Eden Roadmaster Elite

    • Adjustable all round suspension
    • Fitted with large pneumatic tyres
    • Fully adjustable delta bar steering
    • Equipped for highway or pavement use
    In Stock
  • Eden Sportmaster

    Eden Sportmaster

    • Angle adjustable handlebars
    • Telescopic front motorcycle suspension
    • All round lighting, including a large headlight, front and rear indicators and rear brake lights
    • Easy to use controls & twin digital dash
    In Stock
  • Eden Gatsby

    Eden Gatsby

    • Truely unique vintage ‘Model T’ styling
    • Comfortable, adjustable high back rest
    • Easy to use thumb or finger controls
    • Easily adjustable tiller to suit different users
    In Stock

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9 Item(s)

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